bitPalette Studio is an artist friendly web3 developer resource.

Always at the fusion of Art and Technology, bitPalatte Studio was created to help demystify the web3 world and reduce the barrier of entry into this continually evolving space


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    artist profile

    Tyler McNair

    Vision Statement

    "Artist who is seeking creative independence, self-love and identity confidence. A work in progress, as I spend my days mindfully attempting to "adult."


    • Skull of Tyger
    • Johnny Folk Hero
    • Nordic Glory
    • Lost Skulls of Tyger
    • Breath of Life
    • Nouvel Equilibre
    artist profile

    Neil Hagre

    Vision Statement

    " I find myself drawn to different interpretations using color, curves and shapes to extract the essence of a subject, idea or feeling. Leaving a viewer to interpret for themselves the meaning, subject or thought conveyed. Searching for a balance between complete obfuscation and recognition. "


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